Who We Are

Gateway who we are

We are a group of people who have received the amazing grace and mercy of God. We have not forgotten where and how we lived in trouble before we met the Savior. We still live in wonder at what He has done for us. We are glad to welcome everyone to our family, no matter what your background.
When the first church was born, it had no name. No denominations had yet been formed! In fact, they were not even called “Christians” at first! The church that Jesus built was known only by their experience, their continual conversation about Jesus, and that they delighted in getting together in worship and prayer.
At Gateway, we have found that all the thrill and excitement of the first days of the church, filled with the miraculous, are meant to be enjoyed by 21st century Christians, too! It is our goal to be the church that Jesus built, and that church is pictured in the Bible, in the book “The Acts of the Apostles”-Apostolic .
We are a Day of Pentecost Church in worship.