Thoughts from a Guest


What is the weather is like in Orlando, FL right now? Caribou, ME? Seattle, WA? Whatever the weather and whatever the location, the word of God is the same. It’s just as inspiring here (wherever “here” is!) as it is in your home town.

I was reading Psalm 28 on Monday, and was struck by the thought, “What if God went silent on me?” How awful that would be! How hollow and shallow life would become if God stopped talking:

If God was silent………

All of us have had the experience in which someone close to us has turned silent. It may have been a spouse or a close friend. It may have been because of preoccupation with happenings in their own life. Whatever the reason, it got your attention when that person stopped talking, and you began wondering what was wrong. You missed hearing that voice.

If God stopped talking to you, would you miss Him? Or would you even notice that He’d given you the cold shoulder?

David pleaded with the Lord:

“To You I will cry, O Lord my Rock:

Do not be silent to me,

Lest if you are silent to me,

I become like those who go down to the pit.” (Ps 28:1)

David didn’t want to be like everyone else around him, living in confusion and dismay (dismay = “sudden or complete loss of courage; utter disheartenment, sudden disillusionment, agitation of mind”). Without the voice of God speaking to him, David would not know how to carry on his personal business. He knew he would make bad decisions as king, and all of Israel would be in trouble. He knew what a mess he made of things when left on his own. So he pleaded for God’s voice often:  Ps 35:22, 39:12, 83:1.

Whatever David was going through when he composed the 22nd Psalm, the agony of his soul would later be echoed by the Savior, Himself (Mark 15:34). These great men, and others in the Bible, depended on their communication with their Father to successfully make their way through the ups and downs, the twists and turns of life.

If He decided to stop trying to talk with you, would you know it? Would you miss Him?

Your heavenly Father has a lot to say to you. He loves you. Are you listening?